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Premier League Winter Break - Football

Sidders33 - Regular Writer

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When the Premier League winter break was announced, I originally had no real opinion on whether it would be a good or bad thing. After seeing it play over the past week, I’m am now unsure as to whether it was anything more than a ploy to have more games on TV.

While it was refreshing when Amazon showed all games from a mid week round and then again on Boxing, followed by BT sport showing all the new year round, this time it feels forced. For two weeks that have premier league games, there will be no games at 3pm on a Saturday, allowing all 10 games to be shown on TV across various days and times. While some will see this as a good thing and allows players a two week break in the middle of the season (most have been training abroad), the cynic in me thinks it is a ploy from the premier league to bring in even more TV revenue.

With lower league teams struggling to make ends meet and teams in the Championship making huge losses to try and take a slice of the TV money pie, you have to wonder if it is sustainable. What happens when the fans stop going to games? What happens when the TV money stops. When average players are being signed for 20-30 million pounds on a regular basis, is the Premier League losing touch with reality.